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Tuesday, December 09, 2008
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7 Card Stud Poker: The game is usually played with 3 to 5 players. The dealer deals two cards facing down to each of the poker players, followed by four cards which are dealt facing up (again, to each of the players), then followed by a seventh card for each player which is faced down. Basically, the player now have four cards which are visible to the rest of the players, and three cards that only he can see. The way the cards are dealt brings a little twist to the game.
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A full Texas Hold'em poker table typically has nine or ten players; any less and the game may be referred to as short handed. To determine who begins the game a single card is dealt to each player; high card will be the first dealer. The dealer position is indicated by a white plastic chip referred to as the button, which is also what the dealer position is called, sometimes referred to as being on the button. After each round of play, sometimes called a hand, the dealer button rotates to the left, ensuring that everyone gets to play in this and all other positions.
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When looking at your messages press A and B and you can move the messages around. If you have a lot of messages like me then you can arrange them in this manner or you can just delete them.
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Turning Stone Casino American Poker Championship

Turning Stone Casino is hosting the American Poker Championship July 12-14, 2004. This is a three day no limit Texas Hold'em poker tournament with a $10,000 buy-in and $1 Million in prize money. Fox Sports Net will televise the final table live (well, almost) July 14, beginning at 6 p.m. Eastern. The show is being billed as the first live telecast of a poker tournament final on television. What makes this a particularly interesting poker tournament, is that many of the top poker pros will be competing in a relatively small field, so there is a good chance of seeing some of them at the final table. Eight of the top 20 players will be in the tournament including Daniel Negreanu, Barry Goldstein, Hasan Habib, Howard Lederer, and more...

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